Application Engineer

Posted: October 7, 2012

1) Field Apps engineer
2) Experience in the controls market
3) Wants to have the ability to earn more than Apps engineer can earn.
4) Is comfortable speaking with people on the phone and in person.
5) Has a variety of controls engineering experience. Different industries preferred.
Ability to self motivate, establish clear and ever increasing goals, to listen to others, understand, and
ask questions to better understand the customers needs, to provide clear and concise information to
lock in customers focus on customized solutions, prioritize competing deadlines with little or no
supervision, desire to see projects through to the end, internal confidence to reach out to new
customers and contacts and by engaging them generating new business, able to work with both
technical and non-technical people, and the ability to organize a wide range of variables and be
flexible to adapt to new conditions as they come up.

Educational Requirements:
• BA or BS from an accredited college or university. Require a focus on engineering

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