Electronic Production Tech

Posted: September 27, 2012

Pull electronic components from inventory per a BOM (Build of Material) for a job, assemble and install components in a chassis or LCD following a pre-established building documentation utilizing power and non-power hand tools to completion. Load software, performing post production testing, and packaging of finished goods for shipment to customers. Test, analyze, and report problems in systems and components for quality and repair purposes, keep a clean and organized work space. Ability to work in a fast paced, assembly, production environment.

•Strong understanding and working knowledge of computer hardware components and how
they function.
•Understanding and working knowledge of a variety of operating systems for installation.
•Ability to read and follow a Build of Material (BOM) to identify the correct parts to pull for a job,
prep work space for efficient assembly, and competent skills to assemble parts and software
to produce a finished product following pre-written building instructions.
•Ability to write assembly / building documents following a pre-established process.
•Ability to move from one type of assembly work to another without loss of efficiency or

Permanent Position

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